Tips for those applying while female or anything else

Hi, I’m Sarah. I have ten years of professional experience in tech, education and entertainment.

You wouldn’t know it, though, from the way I used to talk about myself. Compare this to a description of my own career I wrote nine months ago:

I am relatively new to the tech industry. I have an interest in a variety of community management techniques, and I used to be a stand-up comedian. I seek to achieve data-driven approaches in my work.

I was 32 years old, talking about myself as if I had graduated from college yesterday. How did this happen? …

Actions you can take to help win the 2020 election

A scroll of stickers that say “I voted”
A scroll of stickers that say “I voted”
Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

Lately, I’ve found myself doom scrolling on the homepages of the New York Times and The Atlantic too many times a day. I’m trying to stay focused on what I can actually do to make an impact, but it’s hard.

The election is four Tuesdays from now. The current administration aims to create confusion, suppress voters’ rights, and intimidate their non-supporters. There is a considerable chance that the president will refuse to concede, especially if mail-in ballots tip the scales to a Biden victory.

The best case right now is not Joe Biden winning — it’s Joe Biden winning in…

After researching ways to host online board game nights with my friends, I decided that I also wanted a screen-free alternative to keep in touch while everyone was in lockdown.

I once played a game at a weekend getaway called Assassins where a large circle of people were assigned “targets” who they would “assassinate” by shooting with a water pistol. They then moved on to look for their target’s target until there is only one person left in the game.

It was a very memorable experience and a great way to connect with new people. Protective alliances were formed, players…

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation

Image credit: Shirtwoot!

Games are a great way to take our minds off of the quarantine and spend some social time together.

I don’t have a gaming system at home, so I’m looking for ways to host board game nights with my friends online using a laptop. Here are some tips on how to set up a board game night without going to one another’s houses.

1. Find an online version of your favorite board game

I am scouring the internet for good and free versions of our favorite board games that we can play together.

My friends and I have played these games for 4+ players and they are verified fun for…

Don’t forget tampons

As much as we like to think that being in the outdoors is “getting away from it all”, I like to think of camping as an experiment in MVC — Minimum Viable Civilization.

Getting the right balance of understanding what I need (water filtration, extra layers) plus what I want (chocolate, a hammock) versus weight and space I have in my pack is always a challenge, and something I get slightly better at each time I venture out.

In an effort to reduce the cognitive load of packing, I created this Camping Checklist to quickly get started:

Camping Supplies List

Make a copy for yourself and customize as needed. Enjoy!

Image Source: Lego

In case you’re still living in 2014, you should know that Slack allows you to add custom emojis to your team database.

We love adding custom emojis at Meetup, but when we figured out that we could turn our pets into emojis, we officially went nuts for it.

Your pet is very special and deserves to be enshrined in the digital space. Let me show you how.

Meetup pet emojis

1. Choose a good picture of your pet

If you’re not familiar with the New York City public transport system, count yourself lucky. Even when it’s working, it’s really not intuitive. It took me a while and lot of missed connections to become acquainted. Don’t suffer like I did — learn from my struggle.

I will place the key information here for your reference, so you can return to this page quickly. Each point is explained in detail below.

Here are your checkpoints to not get lost on the NYC subway:

  1. Which train do you need? Is it local or express?
  2. Are you walking to the right subway…

I took a trip to Washington DC recently, where I went to go see the stone people (that is, I took a tour of the memorials on The Mall).

I visited the Jefferson Memorial for the first time. This was a New Deal project opened by FDR in the 1930s. In it, Jefferson stands in a domed marble structure, surrounded by significant quotes from his writing. Amidst recent historical events, I found this quote to be particularly relevant.

Just in case you feel that our laws should not or cannot be adapted, I encourage you to consider these words:


I’m 31, and a lot of my friends are married. I moved abroad for seven years, and so when others were moving in with their partners from college or someone they met shortly after, I was roaming around Europe knowing I wasn’t able to settle down with anyone. Now that I’m back, and my eggs are approaching their ‘best-enjoyed-by’ expiration date, I’m trying to find someone I can settle down with. Maybe even with the aim to make a few DNA averages of both of us.

Ergo, I am dating. I’m out there. I’m hustlin’. I’m looking for a partner.

I’m trading in my e-cigarette. I’m smoking this new stuff called air. Kids refer to the habit as ‘breathing’ and it’s gotten really popular.

I must confess, I am really addicted. If I don’t have any air for even a few seconds I start thinking about it immediately.

It’s cheaper than the old stuff and you can get it pretty much anywhere except on the moon and some parts in the metropolis. The really good stuff comes from out of the city, from the hills, if you know what I mean.

I think this’ll really take off. I hear some corporations are going to start pushing it on the public big time.

Sarah Cassidy

Brookyn, NYC

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